Let the Journey Begin!

Let us give thanks to Robert Aspirin, and prepare yourselves to become part of his Mythos world:

Happy Graduates

After graduating from Carick’s College of Combat and earning your triple C signet rings, you have decided to take the road less traveled. While your fellow graduates became officers in the Kings army, you guy’s have decided to take the route of adventurers. You set out to visit your school Employment Councilor…

Employment Councilor Jarvis, more commonly referred to by everyone as the grumpy old gnome, regards you raised eyebrows as you all walked into his office.

After you try to relay your ideas of employment to him, he spends then next 30 minutes trying to talk you out of your ideas of making a living as advernturers, and muttering under his breath all the while staring at you over the top of his tiny glasses sitting on his huge nose. Finally, he smiles and says,

“Ahhhh I like you guys, you remind me of myself when I was young and stupid; why don’t ya just join the army like everyone else? What are you guys special… no wait, your all Bards aren’t you… damn artists… all misunderstood… you know really, just because no one understand you doesn’t mean you are artists… What’s that you say? You aren’t bards? Too many freaks and not enough circuses… WAIT! I think I have just the thing for you.”

He digs around in various desk drawers and finally says, “Here it is… just came in last week from the town of Hruodlandville. Seems their mayor needs some help sorting out some sort of Hobgoblin tribal issue or some such thing… you all should be able to handle it? It’s probably a dispute over who climbed over who’s fence to go hunting or some such nonsense”

Now take this scroll and run along and remember not to let your minds wander, they’re way too small to be let out on their own. Have a nice day… somewhere else please…p. he says muttering to himself.

“Oh and I suggest you make a trip to the library to brush up on the layout and history of Hruodlandville, speaking of which makes me hungry…”

A quick trip to the library reveals that Hruodlandville is a small town on the island of Lapal in the Shining Sea. It was founded about forty years ago, when Roland Hruodland, a paladin of Torm, decided to retire to the area. He built a manor and a small private dock, and his followers created the community nearby. The town would have stayed just a hamlet were it not for the discovery of an edible mushroom in the local sea caves. At about the time of this discovery, a traveling gourmet happened to be aboard a ship that was forced to dock at the small port. Upon sampling the local mushrooms, he fell in love with them. He took a considerable number with him, and soon demand for them grew in his home city and its environs. Supplying mushrooms created a stable income for the town, and it grew to a modest size. There are now no mushrooms so prized for eating as are the Hruodland Mushrooms.

Though it is a functioning port, Hruodlandville receives little trade because only vessels with shallow drafts can put in here. Those merchants that take the trouble to trade here come for only one thing: the unusual variety of mushroom that has made Hruodlandville famous.

The paladin Roland Hruodland died 15 years ago and as there was no official successor to his estate, it was bought by one of his followers, a very old mage named Porcini. Porcini gave the Paladin a large funeral and interred him, along with many of his original followers in Catacomb’s beneath the manor. Although most of the village knew Porcini quite well as most of them had worked with him at one time or another, they were happy to let him alone in the manor to do his “research”. His research as the townsfolk knew, had something to do with demons and planar travel… things they were happy to leave well enough alone.

You spend most of your saved coin to book passage on a ship headed to Hruodlandville and arrive a week later.

Upon your arrival…

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